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Dan Adler zico@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2059
Theoretical, numerical and experimental investigation of flow, heat and mass transfer related to turbomachines and jet engines.
Eli Altus altus@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3157
Micro-Nano mechanics and multiscale phenomena. Non-homogeneous and Composite Materials. Fracture & Fatigue.
Zvi Pinhas Bar-Yoseph baryoseph@me.technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3476
Computational (Fluid & Solid) Mechanics; Variational and Asymptotic Methods; Finite Element and Spectral Element
Yakov Ben-Haim yakov@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3262
Info-gap decision theory: decisions under severe uncertainty. Reliability of mechanical systems. Fault diagnosis
Abraham Ber meber@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3166
Metal Cutting: Tool material behavior Basic phenomenon in tool wear Machining of high-temperature allo
Moran Bercovici mberco@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3463
Microscale flow and transport phenomena, Electrokinetic flow, Focusing and separation of chemical and biol
Sol R. Bodner mersbod@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3154
Constitutive modelling of elastic-viscoplastic behavior of materials; Material behavior at high strain rates; Analys
Simon G. Braun braun@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3156 / 04-8252595
Vibration based diagnostics of machinery. Vibration signal processing. Measurements. Analytical and exper
Izhak Bucher bucher@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3153
Vibration, Dynamics of rotating machinery Experimental identification and modeling of vibrating and rotating machines.
Tal Carmon tcarmon@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3159
Optomechanics Nonlinear Optics Guest Appointments Adjunct Professors, Electrical Engineering an
Yossi Chait chait@ecs.umass.edu +972-77-887 n/a
My research focus centers around theory and practice of feedback control systems. Since 1989, the National Science
Joshua Dayan jdayan@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2091
Development and evaluation of power and energy generation processes. Modeling and control of energy systems, greenhouses, mecha
David Degani degani@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2076
Domain decomposition of implicit schemes Stability of High angle of attack flows Computational fluid dynamics visual
Nitai Drimer nitaid@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2070
Design in marine environment; Waves-Structures Interaction; Naval Architecture; Offshore a
David Elata elata@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3184
Modeling the Static and Dynamic Response of Electrostatic Micro-Actuators Modeling and Development of Novel Thermoelastic Actua
Ezra Elias +972-77-887 3263
Boiling actuated micro-systems Non-equilibrium phase change Micro-refrigeration systems Tw
Izhak Etsion etsion@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2096
Hydrodynamic and Hydrostatic Lubrication. Fluid Film Bearings and Seals. Contact Adhesion and Friction of Rough Surf
Anath Fischer meranath@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3260
Feature-Based Systems Multiresolution Meshing Methods Computer Aided Geometrical Design Methods Reverse E
Steven Frankel frankel@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 1746
Computational Fluid Dynamics; Turbulence; Combustion; Aeroacoustics; Multiphase flows Bi
Amir Gat amirgat@tx.technion.ac.il +972-77-887 1957
Theoretical research of low-Reynolds and free-surface flows. Interaction of fluid flows with deformation and motion of so
Oleg Gendelman ovgend@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3877
Nonlinear dynamics, nonlinear oscillations in discrete and continuous systems, nonlinear normal modes, energy transfer, vibration protect
Sefi Givli givli@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3014
Mechanics of nano-scale biological systems. Muscle mechanics. Protein unfolding. Bi-stable and multi-stable
Oded Gottlieb oded@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3158
Nonlinear and chaotic dynamical systems, global bifurcations, complexity and spatio-temporal instabilities in continuum mechanics (strings
David Greenblatt davidg@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3473
Energy-related flow control applications, active separation control, dynamic stall control, wake and vortex m
Gershon Grossman grossmng@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2074
Energy Conservation: waste heat utilization, industrial and residential heat pumps, absorption systems, chillers, heat pumps and heat tran
Chaim Gutfinger gutfinge@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2089
Aerosol mechanics, aerosol deposition and gas filtration theory. Clean room and microcontamination systems. Gas-solid
Shaul Gutman mergutm@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2088
Root Clustering. Control of Uncertain Systems. Dynamic Games. Optimal Guidance. Min-Max Contro
Shimon Haber mersh01@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2105
Human lung fluid mechanics and dispersion Pulsed electrophoretic separation of macromolecules Low Reynolds number hy
Yoram Halevi yoramh@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3465
Order reduction of models, estimators and controllers. Control of flexible structures. Model updating in structural
Erez Hasman mehasman@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2916
Nanooptics, Subwavelength gratings. Space-variant polarization manipulation, Polarization optics. Non-Conventional o
Reuven Katz reuvenk@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2102 or 1602
Quality of Life Technology (QoLT) and Assistive Technologies for the elderly and disabled population; Brain Computer Interfaces
Yoram Koren ykoren@umich.edu +972-77-887 3018
Manufacturing Systems CNC Autonomous Mobile Robots Membership in Profe
Ehud Lenz lenz@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3964
Machining and High Speed Machining of Metals. CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing). FSM (Flexible Manufacturing S
Jacob M. Lifshitz lifshitz@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3013
Interlaminar properties of fiber reinforced composite (FRC) laminates. Damage tolerance of graphite/epoxy beams under cyclic lo
Leonid Mirkin mirkin@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3149
Sampled-data (hybrid continuous/discrete) systems. Time-delay systems. H2 and H∞ estimat
Dan Mordehai danmord@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3460
Multiscale Materials Modelling - Molecular Dynamics (MD), Discrete Dislocation Dynamics (DDD). Constitutive models for m
Uri Navon urinavon@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2069
Thermal Analysis and Cooling of electronic modules and equipment Heat and mass transfer in metal hydrides
Yizhar Or izi@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 5493
Nonlinear dynamics and control systems Geometric mechanics Dynamics of low Reynolds number swimming in biological an
Alexander Oron meroron@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3474
Hydrodynamic instabilities Instabilities of thin liquid films Nonlinear evolution equations Fluid mechani
Shmuel Osovski shmuliko@tx.technion.ac.il +972-77-887 1661
Mechanics of materials; Multi-scale modeling of plastic deformation; Experimental mechanics; Microstructure
Zalman J. Palmor palmor@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2086
Control of systems with dead times and uncertainties. Robust control via Liapunov Techniques. Optimal singular measu
Elon Rimon rimon@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3152
Robot vehicles: navigating an experimental mobile robot to a goal while avoiding collision with obstacles, while information is gathered o
Daniel Rittel merittel@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3261
Experimental Mechanics. Fracture mechanics (static and dynamic, damage). Mechanical properties of materials.
Assa Rotem merar01@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3186
Mechanics of Materials and Structures. Composite Materials - Mechanics, Dynamics Strength and Fatigue. Non-Destructive Evaluat
Carmel Rotschild carmelr@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2103
Nonlinear optics in small molecules, Nano-photonics, Organic-electronics, Engineering of therma
Miles B. Rubin mbrubin@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3188
Continuum MechanicsContinuum mechanics is a basic theoretical field which includes most branches of Mechanical Engineering as speci
Michael Shapiro mersm01@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3185
Aerosol mechanics and air filtration. Aerosol measurements Two-phase flows, gas particle systems. Transpo
Doron Shilo shilo@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3165
Nano and micro mechanics of materials. Mechanical behavior of smart materials. Mechanics and kinetics of domain swit
Avraham Shitzer mersasa@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2841
Thermal modeling and behavior of biological media. Applications of heat transfer in medicine (cryosurgery, hyperthermia, etc.).
Gal Shmuel meshmuel@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 1613
Smart materials; Dielectric and magnetorheological elastomers; Shape-memory alloys; Polycrystalline plastici
Moshe Shoham shoham@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3264
Robotic systems: Kinematics and dynamics of robots. Sensor-based robots. Multi-fingere
Moshe Shpitalni shefi@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2832
Knowledge Management for Product Life Cycle. Life Cycle Engineering (Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance, End-of-Life).
Alexander Solan solan@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2099
Fluid mechanics and heat and mass transfer. Rotating fluid dynamics. Hydrodynamic stability. Water desali
Yuli Starosvetsky staryuli@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 1916
Nonlinear dynamics and vibrations, bifurcations and nonlinear waves in smooth and non-smooth, an-harmonic lattices and highly degenerate d
Matthew Suss mesuss@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 1617
Electrochemical systems for energy and water applications; Capacitive water desalination; Flow batteries for large sca
Leonid Tartakovsky tartak@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2077
Advanced propulsion systems; Combustion in Internal Combustion Engines; Internal combustion engines for U
Jehuda Tirosh metirosh@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3475
Metal forming processes. Applied Plasticity. Damage Mechanics. Guest Appointments
Shelly Tzlil shellytz@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 5693
Cell Mechanics and cell mechanosensing Cell-Biomaterial interaction Development of Mechano-sensitive soft biomaterials
Rene Van-Hout rene@tx.technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3866
Multi-phase flows Particle dispersion in turbulent boundary layers Droplet behavior in turbulent flows
Menachem P. Weiss mweiss@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2068
Engineering Design - Theory, Methodology and Practice. Development of New Products, Concurrent Engineering. Fatigue
John R. Wolberg jrwolberg@gmail.com +972-77-887 2094
Data modeling in large numerical databases; Design and analysis of experiments; Expert systems; Computer
Alon Wolf alonw@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2087
Fundamental kinematics. Kinematic synthesis and design of mechanisms. Medical robotics. Biome
Yeshaya Yarnitsky meryy01@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3164
Development of technologies and machinery for diamond and gem dressing. Various inventions in the fields of technology and mach
Gilad Yossifon yossifon@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 3466
Novel electro-chemo-mechanical energy conversion devices Micro/nanofluidic Lab-on-a-chip biomedical / diagnostic devices
Miriam Zacksenhouse mermz@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2092
Computational Motor control Brain Machine Interface (BMI) Neural Spike train analysis Brai
Eyal Zussman meeyal@technion.ac.il +972-77-887 2836
Nanotechnology Nanocomposites Microfluidics Electrospinning Guest Appointments